“With a specialized superpower, Lori Worthington comforts her community”

Lori Worthington

Russon Mortuary & Crematory

“With a specialized superpower, Lori Worthington comforts her community”

By Tiffany McLelland

We all have a superpower. Sometimes it’s easier to see it in others than in ourselves. Lori Russon Worthington is the Office Manager at the Russon Mortuary in Syracuse. Lori’s superpower is helping people through one of the most vulnerable times of their lives. While most of us feel uncomfortable around loss and mourning, Lori knows how to read a room and is not afraid to try to bring comfort.

The Russon family has owned and operated a mortuary since 1954 when Lori’s grandpa and his brothers purchased their first one in Salt Lake City. They sold their Salt Lake facility and now have three locations in Davis County. Lori started working in the family business at 12 years old. She’d clean the building in the evenings and later brought her children in to help clean. This early exposure to the industry helped prepare her for a life of compassion.

Russon’s have a legacy of community involvement, whether waving from a float in the Fourth of July parade or carving pumpkins for the Halloween pumpkin walk. They’ve enjoyed donating to the Veteran’s Museum, sponsoring shows at local junior highs, and celebrating the high school’s Student of the Month and Sterling Scholars. They love to be involved where they can.

Lori loves her job, “It’s been a lifetime of me watching people give love to people who need love.” She loves holding someone as they cry, laughing with them as they recount funny memories, or just letting them talk to help process their feelings. “It’s an honor to have these interactions with these sweet people.”

Lori shares, “Everybody wants to comfort, but they don’t know how. I’m not saying I know how I’m just comfortable enough to figure it out.” When we want to comfort those who are mourning, but we don’t know what to say or do. “It is better to say something, anything even if you don’t know if it’s the right thing, but also ask what you can do and be aware of them at the funeral and after. After the family and friends go home, when all is quiet, check back in with them. Continue to love those who need to be loved.”

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