The Ute Conference Never Leaves Athletes Behind

Clearfield resident and former Captain of the North Davis Fire District, Chris Tremea, is now the President of the Ute Conference for Clearfield, Northridge, Syracuse, and Layton Christian Academy districts. This is a quick story about how devoted he and the people he works with are to the young people in our community, and of course, to the game of football. Tremea has also been running his own CPR business, CPR Saves, for more than 26 years.

Established in 1966, the purpose of the Ute Conference is to provide opportunity for all players to enjoy and participate in the active competition of the game of football. With over 8,000 players on its teams, and 540 of those players right here, the Ute Conference is one of the largest conferences in the country.

With full support from Clearfield City’s Mayor Mark Shepherd and City Council Member Nike Peterson, the Ute Conference works hard to acquaint players with the fundamentals of the game such as passing, running, kicking, blocking, and tackling. This allows players to maintain a sound physical, mental, and moral condition.

“What it really does is, it teaches players that hard work might not get you a win,” said Tremea, “but it will teach you to do your chores and to understand andrespect that hard work will allow people to see who you really are.”

Ute Conference officials, coaches, and officers are dedicated to inspiring youth, regardless of race, color, or creed to practice the ideals of sportsmanship, scholarship, fellowship, team cooperation, and athletic competition.

“We pay to use fields in Clearfield City, so as a nonprofit organization, fundraising and our local sponsors are very important to us,” said Tremea. He also mentioned that the people at the Ute Conference donate more volunteer hours than any other organization he’s aware of. That’s a lot of football.

Players can register for $285, which covers shoulder pads, jerseys players may keep forever, pants, a helmet, safety equipment, and fees. And this is where the story gets interesting.

Through Facebook, Clearfield Connection was given a very clear idea of just how exceptionally keen Chris really is on supporting our community’s young people.

Imagine you’re a teen, and you enjoy the game of football like no other. The problem is all you’ve been able to do is join a few practices. For the majority of the time, you can only watch your peers play from a distance.

Since you’ve done so very well at practice, you get noticed by Coach Kevin Rogers. Not long afterwards, one very helpful president of the Ute Conference, Chris Tremea, picks up the phone to let you know your way is clear and you’re on the team.

“We can’t leave a kid behind just because registration is closed,” said Tremea. “Our motto is never leave an athlete behind.”

Everything prospective players or coaches need to know about the Ute Conference is available online at

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