Summer water conservation

Clearfield City asked residents to reduce outdoor water use by 60% and indoor use by 10% this year as part of a statewide conservation effort. We currently have our water savings numbers through the end of July available from the Weber Basin Water Conservancy District.

Through June and July in 2022, Clearfield City residents used 402 million gallons of water. Last year, during the same time, residents used more than 531 million gallons. This means residents saved 130 million gallons, or 25%, more water than last year! For the year 2022, this puts the savings by residents at approximately 260 million gallons of water, which is 24% less water use than last year. We thank our residents for your outstanding response and conservation actions.

The Parks & Recreation Department developed a comprehensive plan to preserve the sports fields while balancing the drought conditions. Conservation efforts included watering at a 20% reduced rate, changing grass heights to preserve the turf, turning off water to park strips, utilizing wetting agents and slow-release fertilizer, and more.

Through June and July in 2022, the Clearfield City Parks Department used a total of 32,603,265 gallons to maintain the parks, fields, open spaces, and trails. Last year during the same time, the department used 32,805,405 gallons of water. This means they have saved 202,410 gallons of water from last year! For the year 2022, this puts them at approximately 530,000 gallons of water saved. We applaud their efforts and hard work to conserve while keeping Clearfield beautiful.

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