Persistence and Dedication to Ensure a Good Chance of Success


While she obtained her Master of Business Administration in 2009, Leslie Murphy started off with little more than ideas. She’s now a business owner, a wife, and a full-time mother to a very active set of kids.

Starting with those ideas in 2009, she and her husband Beau have since opened a dental lab, started a beard company called Regal Manes (which was based on a shower thought), and, in this past year, brought a Java Espress to Clearfield. Of the three, she says Java Espress is where she feels the most connection to the community.

The building started in 2019 and was abruptly halted by COVID. Prices doubled and what should have only taken a few months took years, but their persistence and dedication ensured the business got a real start with a good chance of success. Beau handles the on-site needs while Leslie manages the admin and logistics. They are blessed with a loyal, trustworthy, and fun staff that they truly enjoy working alongside. The atmosphere they hope to maintain is one of hard work, accomplishment, progression and fun.

When asked about any advice she had to other women looking to start their own businesses, she had two major notes. The first was balance: “It’s a rough balancing act, but it does give you the freedom to make your schedule fit you. Being a mom and a business owner is no easy task, but it is worth it.”

The second thing she mentioned was turning the business into a family affair: “The kids have helped a ton and the business has become a family thing. It was really cool to see how it impacts them and what they can do. I love that aspect.”

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