Only Rain Should Go Down Your Drain

Our stormwater system feeds right back into the groundwater we use to drink, so please don’t put anything down the drain system other than rainwater. Speaking of rain… fall leaves mixed with rain is the perfect recipe for flooding in your neighborhood. Here’s how you can help!

  • Clear debris off the top of storm drains near your house.
  • Sweep and throw away trash/leaves in your gutter.

These actions will reduce blockage and help water drain effectively. Now… some of you might ask, “Isn’t that the city’s job?” Yes, it is part of our job to clear drains. But there are 4,330 storm drains, 5,900 homes with gutters, and only seven staff members in our streets department. With your help, we can keep our drains free of leaves, trash, and debris to avoid flooding in your neighborhood.

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