North Davis CTC

North Davis Communities That Care coalition provides our community with a unique approach to identifying and understanding the issues experienced by kids through local data. We offer evidenced-based programs and evidence-informed frameworks to help kids and families in our community. Recently, we finalized our annual action plan, which includes a variety of programs and workshops for our community members that will be available over the next year.

We started the year with our Parents Empowered Campaign kickoff: A community-wide partnership that shows support for protecting kids’ healthy brains and bright futures by sharing underage drinking prevention tips for parents on more than 200 construction and public safety vehicles in our area. When you see one of the signs, let it be a reminder to talk to your kids about alcohol and tell them why underage drinking is harmful.

In the 2022-2023 school year, we will be supporting 6th-grade students in North Davis with Learning to Breathe. This program has been well researched to help address anxiety and depressive symptoms, a priority for the coalition. Additionally, we will offer EveryDay Strong workshops, a framework that helps adults build resilient kids and strong communities in our area. All of this is in effort to help reduce anxiety and depression among our kids. Furthermore, we will be sponsoring parenting classes, such as Strengthening families and Circle of Security – Parenting.

To learn more about our work, visit our Facebook page @NorthDavisCTC or contact our coalition coordinator, Viviana Felix, at

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