Message from Mayor Shepherd

Mayor Mark Shepherd

If you look at homes listed on the MLS, there is a phrase you will often see listed in the home’s description: “Pride in Ownership.” It means that anyone driving by the house can tell the people that live there take great pride in the fact that they have a house and do their best to take care of it. I don’t think you have to own the home to show that pride. Whether you own a home or are renting one from someone else, it is still your residence, and taking pride in the way it looks encourages others to do the same. It also quickly raises the value and desirability of a neighborhood.

As the weather warms up, now is a great time to do small, simple acts that increase Clearfield’s livability and image. Raking up leftover leaves and debris from the fall, cleaning out gutters, trimming trees, and so forth all help show city pride. If your yard already looks great, maybe gather some friends together and help out others on your street. Cleaning up your property, picking up trash in your neighborhood park, or participating in our Adopt-a-Trail program are all great ways to beautify our city.

Taking pride in your property increases Clearfield’s livability across the city. Clearfield City has a Yard of the Week and Yard of the Year award that the Parks and Recreation Commission gives to homeowners that have taken pride in their landscaping. Sometimes it can seem a daunting task but addressing it one piece at a time will pay dividends.

The city has several ordinances that address the way a property looks, like keeping grass and/or weeds trimmed to 6 inches and keeping dangerous and/or unnecessary junk out of your yard. These ordinances are meant to be the minimum standards so feel free to go above and beyond! Adhering to these regulations will keep Clearfield neighborhoods looking attractive. To help you with your Spring cleanup, we have included a voucher for a free trip to the Davis County Landfill in this magazine. If your yard is going to take more than one trip, don’t hesitate to reach out to city staff for a second voucher.

To support property owners in landscaping efforts, the city joined the Flip Your Strip program with Weber Basin Water Conservancy District. Flipping your strip with water-wise landscaping is a great way to save water while beautifying. Those who participate in this program can receive water rebates from Weber Basin.

The Adopt-a-Trail program is a volunteer program that provides opportunities to monitor, maintain, and enhance sections of our trails. Program activities include picking up litter, clearing debris, and serving as an extra set of eyes for downed trees, vandalism, trail hazards, and more. This would be great for families, businesses, or groups looking to serve the community in small ways!

May is a great time to beautify your home and do some spring cleaning. Freshening up your property, picking up trash in our parks, or participating in our Adopt-a-Trail program are all great ways to beautify the city. If we all do our part, we can have the most attractive city in the county.

Mayor Mark Shepherd

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