Message from Mayor Shepherd

“The centennial is a time for us to reflect on our motto for the year: “Pride in our Past, Eyes to the Future.”

I love to see residents actively engaged in their community! I’d like to thank those who reach out to me and share their ideas, concerns, and vision for Clearfield. Your feedback helps me understand the needs of our community. For those who haven’t talked with me before, I’d love to get to know you!

How can you share your thoughts with me? The best way to reach me is to individually call or text me at 801-540-0348 or email me at mark. You can also message the official Clearfield City social media pages (@clearfieldcity) or leave a comment on the city’s website. Additionally, you can reach out to our city council members. Their contact information is included in this magazine.

As Mayor, I am legally required to discuss policy through official city channels only. These channels are limited to official Clearfield City social media pages (not community-run pages), the city website, city council meetings, and individually with residents through one-on-one communication mediums. If you reach out to me in other ways, I will kindly ask you to direct your messages through one of these legal channels.

Why do these restrictions exist? Utah’s Government Record Access Management Act (GRAMA) provides the public with the right to access records prepared, maintained, or controlled by a government entity. It’s because the public has the legal right of access to mayoral communications, I must use those official city channels to talk with residents. The restrictions ensure that your rights are protected and upheld.

I’m grateful to have so many civically engaged residents. Thank you for speaking out and sharing your passion for Clearfield. Again, for those who have not reached out to me before, I’d love to speak with you. My door is always open. I’d be happy to discuss city policy through any of Clearfield’s official communication channels.

Talk to you soon!

Mayor Mark Shepherd

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