Location, Location, Location

Photography the series by Melissa Spelts

When I was 27 years old, Ryan bought me a used DSLR camera for my birthday. I fell in love with photography and started to see potential photo locations everywhere I went.

If you are a photographer or a “wannabe” like me, you probably know that we are blessed with amazing photo locations here in Utah.

When we have special events coming up for one of our kids, like a dance or graduation, one of my favorite things to do is to have that child completely ready for pictures and drive around just looking for great spots. I have taken the coolest pictures next to doors, buildings, walls, or open fields by simply being open to what I see in that moment.

When I take dance pictures for my teens, I love to find cool walls or barns to snap pictures by. If walls or buildings are facing the right way, they create a shadow that makes the lighting ideal. It is easier to work with and stays that way longer, unlike trying to time pictures for the perfect “golden hour” right as the sun sets. I also like to have two locations for every shoot. The best locations have multiple backdrops in one spot.

Be respectful and honor private property. One time, I was taking pictures of my friend’s family next to this really cool old barn (it is no longer there). My friend got permission to take pictures from the family that owned the barn. She told me that photographers would walk into the owners back yard without asking. They didn’t mind them using the barn for their backdrop but hated when people didn’t ask. Please make sure to be respectful. Ask for permission if it’s on private property. Clean up any trash that you bring in. This will help keep these locations available for years to come.

Happy photographing!

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