Listening With the Intent to Share With Others

By Abraham Tinklepaugh

You may already know Hailey Minton as one of our writers. She’s also a talented editor. She loves to watch her daughter, Ila, discover new things. Hailey and her husband, Bradley, have a secret love of Kookslams on Instagram. The Minton family are expecting a new baby in September.

“Hailey has been such an amazing writer for us. She was just out of college when we first met, and she was so eager and excited to write stories for the magazines,” said Connection Publishing’s owner, Ryan Spelts.” It has been fun to see her progress and mature while still keeping that excitement for the story. She is like family to us, and we are so glad we crossed paths five years ago.”

While studying business management and marketing at BYU Hawaii, she knew friends who had worked at the campus magazine, which she thought would be a good experience to explore in her last semester.

“It was always super fun to do something that interested me,” said Hailey. “I feel like if you listen with the intent to share with others, it helps things to sink in a lot more.” After graduating six months later, she was invited to return to the magazine to complete an internship as an editor.

At a media conference in Manhattan, Hailey discovered how different hyper-local news could be from the norm, which really resonated with her. After graduating, she later met Ryan and came to Connection Publishing through a series of networking events.

Hailey has since been an integral part of Connection Publishing as writer and editor. “It has engaged my mind, while also giving me an excuse to reach out and connect with people in my community,” said Hailey.

“I would love to live in any of the communities we cover, where there are so many awesome people who have great stories and give back to their own communities. We really live in an amazing place. It makes me happy when I hear about people trying something new because of something I’ve written.”

After interviewing so many of the different and interesting people in our communities, Hailey says, she would likely need three lifetimes to pursue all the things she’s interested in. But, for the time being, she’ll just keep being a writer.

“There’s so much to learn, and from so many people, if you’re genuinely curious,” said Hailey.

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