“It’s About Feeling Your Worth”

Mike Tobin is the owner and head instructor of Tobin’s Elite Academy of Martial Arts. He has been training in martial arts for over forty years. His hard work has positively influenced many lives. He focuses on creating a friendly environment. “I want everyone to feel welcome and know they have a place here,” Mike says.

“In my experience, physical training, such as marital arts, helps students develop self-control and compassion,” Mike says. “I feel like our communities have a need for greater compassion for each other, especially among young people.”

Training in martial arts can help with the problem of bullying. On one hand, it trains kids to defend themselves, but it also increases their confidence and teaches them not to lash out at others. “We think Spider-Man is right: with great power comes great responsibility. Kids learn the consequences of hitting or kicking someone, what it feels like, so they know not to do that to someone else without thinking.”

“I’ve seen martial arts change countless lives. It’s not about reaching a certain level; it’s about feeling your worth. My students learn that their worth is more than just a “like” on social media.” Mike looks forward to helping students progress for many years to come.

Tobin’s Elite Academy of Martial Arts
510 E. 1700 S. #303, Clearfield

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