Helping Local Businesses Grow

By Abraham Tinklepaugh

I caught up with Dan Vance in between meetings because his work is helping local businesses grow. Dan is a Kaysville resident, and the Managing Partner of Advanced Local. But don’t get me wrong, Dan isn’t the type to take himself too seriously. If ever you have the pleasure of meeting him, I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to hear the humor in his voice.

What’s uniquely special about Advanced Local is they help small businesses’ rank in mobile search rather than the type of marketing strategies that were typical ten years ago. They’re what you might call inside champions.

Advanced Local is unique because they are a small firm that works extraordinarily well together, and their focus is on driving traffic through Google maps, which allows them to be more competitive at delivering legitimate leads that actually turn into real business.

“We know that out of every single search at least half have local intent,” said Vance. “Food, clothing, the whole gamut. More and more businesses are eager to grow their businesses on the Internet. Though most of our clients are in the auto-industry. We want to work with people right here.”

Seven years working in the advertising industry led him to other professionals who helped him learn marketing for today’s world. Among Dan’s most significant career lessons has been learning how to provide a legitimate service that solves a problem.

“We want to help you get found, convert, and grow,” said Vance. “We tell our clients it’s a serious thing for us because we feel like we have skin in the game with them. If they struggle, we feel the struggle; when they’re winning, we’re winning.”

In his downtime you’ll find Dan spending time with family. They like to be outdoors and travelling to different places where they can experience new things. But, then again, sometimes just mowing his lawn makes him happy. Also, Dan likes tacos, so look for him on taco night.

“I’m doing this because this is where my heart is. It’s challenging, it’s complicated, and energizing. I like the way outcomes make me feel like, yea, I fixed that.”

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