Community Influencers

You are an influencer in your own world, I have always told my kids – people are watching what you do and what you say. Make sure you are doing the things you say you will do, that is integrity.

An influencer in my life is a man named Howard, who owns an HVAC company locally. We got to know him through our worship services, and for whatever reason, he seemed to like our family. He hired our son to mow his lawn, he taught him how to do a good job, and then eventually asked him to come and mow the grass-covered areas at his companies building. This helped our son start a small mowing business while he was in high school. Then, when our son was old enough, Howard hired him to start apprenticing at his HVAC company and paid him well for the work he did. My son is an adult now and has different pursuits, and yet Howard is still a good friend and mentor to him. In our life, Howard is an influencer. He has an impact in our life still today.

We have asked our team to ask for nominees for people who are community influencers. These are this year’s nominees. Congratulations, and thank you for being a positive contributor.
– Ryan Spelts, Publisher


Here are the community members nominated as influencers for 2022

Ethelyn Bradshaw, Bradshaw Tutoring
Shawn Iverson, The Insurance Center
Dan Vance, Advanced Local
Hailey Minton, Connection Publishing
Chad Russon, Russon Mortuary
Dr. Brett Burtenshaw, Tanner Clinic
Wendy Vinhage, Habitat for Humanity
Mike Tobin, Tobin’s Elite
Sky Rands, SLR Roofing
Karen Wright, RealtyPath Summit
Julie Johnson, United Way
Jesse Western, Hearing Improvement Center
Steve Reich, R Marketing Department
Kayla Peterson, Clean Steam Carpet Cleaning
Mark Miller, Brilliant Lighting Center
Jodi Orgill-Brown, Global Leader Group
John Ekstrom, Xtek Firearms
Pam, Grounds for Coffee – Clearfield
Lee Brasher, Wasatch Prints
Manuel Gallegos, El Burrito

Brandon Barber, Invision Computers
Janelle and Leo Vettori, Rocky Mountain Tumbling and Cheer
Jose Palacios, Argentine Corner
Sharee Harrison, For the Birds and the Bees
Ryan Rentmeister, Rentmeister Total Home Service
Tylor Norton, Tight Lines HVAC
Sheli Latimer, Sheli’s Massage
Angi Kellett
Rachel Hansen Bitton
Lisa Hadlock
LT Weese
Sherry Clawson

Philadelphia Sub Shop
Home Helpers
Dirty Bird -Clearfield
JTE Home Solutions

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