Clearfield’s Water Conservation Efforts

To reduce city water consumption, Clearfield City has implemented immediate increases to utility rates and created a water-wise plan for all city parks. Changes to water rates preserve the community’s water resources by encouraging conservation behaviors. Residents are encouraged to follow the watering recommendations set by Weber Water Basin Water Conservancy District, including watering 20 minutes for overhead sprays and 40 minutes for rotor sprinklers per week. More recommendations can be found on their website:

The Parks & Recreation Department developed a comprehensive plan to preserve the sports fields while balancing drought conditions. Conservation efforts in the plan include watering at a 20% reduced rate, changing grass heights to preserve the turf, turning off water to all park strips without trees, utilizing wetting agents and slow-release fertilizer, and more. The Parks Department installed new water monitoring systems in 2021 and reduced its water usage by over 30% that year.

For more information on water rate increases and conservation efforts, visit

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