Thank you for coming out and celebrating our centennial summer with us. We were so pleased to see the massive community turn out at all our centennial events. We hope you enjoyed celebrating as much as we did! One of my favorite moments was holding a time capsule ceremony and including a letter to my future successor.

What does a Mayor in 2022 say to a Mayor who will be opening our time capsule in 2122? My research showed that Clearfield was initially founded because of concerns about water and growth. It’s fascinating that the same issues still face us today and will likely be concerns 100 years from now. Over the past 50 years, Clearfield saw its heyday when people from surrounding cities came here for necessities and recreation. We also saw the opposite of that when city development became stagnant, and the surrounding cities passed us by.

Fast forward to 2022, and we are finally making a comeback. We are building more than we have built in a long time and are creating a new downtown Clearfield. It is nerve-wracking as Mayor to see the growth coming fast and furious, and praying we get it right. Of course, the future will likely be the judge of that!

We thank each of our residents for your feedback and contribution to Clearfield’s resurgence. Clearfield’s current development and future vision could not be accomplished without you investing in our city and making it your home.

Here’s to the future!
Mayor Mark Shepherd

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